Search Strategies

It is possible to find information more effectively and efficiently by using search strategies.  Search strategies usually involve:

Modifying keywords

When modifying keywords, consider using:

Combining keywords

Keywords are combined using: AND, OR and NOT.

For example: (laughter OR humour) AND stress

AND, OR and NOT are known as Boolean operators. Knowing when and how to use Boolean operators effectively can greatly improve search results.

Limiting search results

There may be other elements that need to be considered in a search.

For example: Is it important to find information published within a specific timeframe?

Investigate the options for limiting search results in the information sources that you use (e.g. (Library Catalogue, databases, World Wide Web).

Check the ‘Help’ or ‘Search Tips’ links when searching the Library Catalogue, databases and the Web, as the use of search strategies may vary.