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Title“Steel all Through” The Church of England in Central Queensland Transplantation and Adaptation 1892-1942
AuthorPhilp, Robert Henry Haldon
InstitutionCentral Queensland University
AbstractThe thesis is concerned with the establishment of the Anglican presence in Central Queensland and the history of the first fifty years of the Diocese of Rockhampton. The historical method employed examined the attitudes and mentalities of the Anglicans during that fifty years and attempted to determine how the process of transplantation and adaptation of the English social institution was, or was not, achieved in the new physical and social environment. Various aspects of Anglican Diocesan administration such as recruitment of clergy, financial shortages, cultural isolation, racial issues, episcopal appointments and ecumenical relationships, are taken as units and analysed in the overall context of transplantation and adaptation. It is argued that ‘Australianisation’ came gradually and without conscious manipulation. Where change from the English model was attempted, it was often initiated by the English clergy rather than the Australian laity.
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