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TitleThe ‘realities’ of part-time nursing in regional Queensland
AuthorJAMIESON, Lynnette Noela
InstitutionCentral Queensland University
AbstractThere are increasing numbers of Australian nurses working in part-time employment. This is important in a background where contemporary nursing shortages are a considerable barrier to the provision of adequate nursing personnel to meet nursing service demands. An accurate understanding of the situation of part-time nursing is necessary to enable effective human resource management of this segment of the nursing workforce. However, a paucity of available knowledge related to Australian part-time nursing represented a serious gap in the information required for effective and efficient management. Therefore the aim of this study was to discover and describe phenomena and develop theory that explains the ‘realities’ of part-time nursing in regional Queensland. Strauss and Corbin’s (1998) version of the grounded theory approach and methods were used to conduct this study. A sample of 86 regional Queensland part-time nurses and 18 nurse managers and nurse educators provided data that permitted the discovery of a substantive theory of part-time nursing. This theory has contributed knowledge relevant to practitioners in the substantive area by discovering, describing and explaining the phenomenon of part-time nursing, the conditions that influence the phenomenon and the responses that are made to adapt and adjust to the associated challenges. The developed grounded theory represents a significant contribution to the meagre base of knowledge that previously existed by offering insight, enhancing understanding and providing a valuable guide to action.
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