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The Project

‘Sculpting the Capricorn Coast’ takes as its starting point two of the key principles enunciated above. Its aim is to stimulate public curiosity about the physical changes that have taken place on Keppel Bay’s Capricorn Coast over the past one hundred years or so, in order to encourage residents to take an active interest in the impact of development on the local natural environment.

It also contributes to ‘capacity building’ in two ways: by providing insights into the process by which a few selected infrastructure decisions have been made in the past, and by making accessible to the public a database of historical images and manuscripts illustrative and informative of physical coastal environmental change. The image archive will be available to individuals and community groups to use, for instance, as a first port of call in the writing of reports on specific locations or environmental issues, for baseline biophysical data, to demonstrate land use patterns, illustrate cultural continuities etc.
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