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Author LI, QUAN
InstitutionCentral Queensland University
AbstractThis thesis examines converter topologies suitable for Module Integrated Converters (MICs) in grid interactive photovoltaic (PV) systems, and makes a contribution to the development of the MIC topologies based on the two-inductor boost converter, which has received less research interest than other well known converters. The thesis provides a detailed analysis of the resonant two-inductor boost converter in the MIC implementations with intermediate constant DC links. Under variable frequency control, this converter is able to operate with a variable DC gain while maintaining the resonant condition. A similar study is also provided for the resonant two-inductor boost converter with the voltage clamp, which aims to increase the output voltage range while reducing the switch voltage stress. An operating point with minimized power loss can be also established under the fixed load condition. Both the hard-switched and the soft-switched current fed two-inductor boost converters are developed for the MIC implementations with unfolding stages. Nondissipative snubbers and a resonant transition gate drive circuit are respectively employed in the two converters to minimize the power loss. The simulation study of a frequency-changer-based two-inductor boost converter is also provided. This converter features a small non-polarised capacitor in a second phase output to provide the power balance in single phase inverter applications. Four magnetic integration solutions for the two-inductor boost converter have also been presented and they are promising in reducing the converter size and power loss.
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